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MUSICAL NEWS | Craig & Paul's mission to perform at the Royal Albert Hall
Craig and Paul, Endurance Care Maidstone's very own Music Men, are on a mission to raise funds to perform at the Royal Albert Hall

A Melodical Journey

Since it started back in 2017, Craig and Paul who are supported by National Care Group's Endurance Care Maidstone Team, have been attending the Kent and and Medway Regional Music Man project.

The group described as a 'big musical family', meets on a weekly basis to sing along and play instruments with music teachers. Craig and Paul have been supported by their team to attend over the years. Being part of the group has helped them to develop friendships, grow in confidence, discover their love of music, and simply have a lot of fun!

Their Musical Mission

The Kent and Medway Regional Music Man project are now fundraising towards being able to perform at the Royal Albert Hall next April. It's an opportunity to join all the other regional groups made up of musicians with learning disabilities from across the UK network and show off their musical talents. The show will also feature musical theatre legend, Michael Ball and The Band of His Majesty’s Royal Marines. Craig and Paul's group really needs to raise the necessary funds for their transport and their kit.

Making progress

Craig and Paul have made some great progress towards contributing to the mission. They helped to organise a pop-up coffee shop where they sold home made cakes and refreshments and put on a musical performance.

Their local Tesco also contributed a donation from their in-store fundraising efforts. Craig, Paul, and their music teacher Sue, are photographed collecting their cheque from Tesco below.

Paul, who has a mild learning disability, is really excited about the thought of performing at the event. He told his service manager, Lauren:

"My favourite things about being in the music group are banging the drums and the symbols. I also like the teachers, they're very helpful. I'm going on a big coach to London for the Royal Albert Hall. I plan to sleep on the coach on the way home as its going to be a really fun day!"

To read a little more about the event, click here.

National Care Group wishes Craig and Paul the very best of luck and looks forward to reporting on their attendance next year!

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