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your potential plus
our commitment
changes lives


National Care Group was founded with a strong underlying social purpose of supporting people to maximise their potential. In our vision to be the best and most trusted care and support provider in the UK, we remain committed to that purpose.

Our sustainability strategy recognises our commitment to our people, our communities, our responsibility for sustainable growth, and the environmental needs of a changing world.



Empowering people and promoting diversity.

We are committed to listening to, engaging with, involving, and inspiring our colleagues to embed and advance diversity and inclusion.

Our people strategy ensures our workforce reflects the rich tapestry of society and focuses on colleague retention through unlocking career progression opportunities. At the heart of our strategy is colleague wellbeing; we pledge to continue to provide resources, support, and initiatives to promote physical, emotional, mental, and financial wellbeing.


OUR COMMITMENT TO: Community & Partnerships

Caring about our people and their communities.

We are committed to driving quality across National Care Group and the sector. Community integration and social vitality is promoted, supporting co-production and advocacy.

We continue to invest in relationships and governance, and partnerships. We recognise that working in communities and with partners creates a greater and quicker social impact than when our work is pursued alone.


OUR COMMITMENT TO: Environmental Sustainability

Managing our footprint.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, reducing our contribution to landfill, using sustainable energy, and reducing water consumption. Through a reinvigorated focus on our environmental actions, we pledge to be more accountable.

We will listen to, engage with, involve and inspire our colleagues and the people we support to understand and join us in supporting the opportunity for enhanced environmental sustainability through our everyday practices.


OUR COMMITMENT TO: Growth and Innovation

Contributing towards a sustainable future for our sector.

We are committed to empowering independence and reducing reliance on services. We use our expertise to create innovative development solutions and enhance our existing services, in a responsible way.

We will contribute to the sustainability and economic growth of our communities through job creation, colleague learning and development, and career opportunities. Emerging technologies will provide us with the opportunity to continually enhance the person-centred support we provide.

your potential plus our
commitment changes lives