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Web Accessibility Statement Mission

National Care Group believes that websites should be accessible to all users regardless of disability or equipment used to access the website. To this end, National Care Group has developed its website to work well with all modern browsers and devices.


The National Care Group website can be navigated by keyboard as well as a mouse or touchscreen.

The website automatically displays a version most appropriate to the user’s device. This also happens automatically when using the browser’s page zoom feature.

A good level of visual contrast has been maintained throughout the website and the text size will also respond to the browser’s page zoom feature.

You can find instructions on using the zoom feature of the most popular browsers using the links below:

Microsoft Edge – how to change font size, zoom on a page, and more useful tools.

Google Chrome – how to change font size and zoom on a page.

Mozilla Firefox – how to change font size and zoom on a page.

Opera 11 & 12 – how to zoom on a page.


At this time users who navigate our website using a screen reader may experience inconsistent results as the website has not been specifically developed for this purpose.


National Care Group is committed to helping all its website visitors to enjoy the same satisfying experience. In order to achieve this we are working towards full WCAG 2.0 compatibility.


If you would like to speak to us about Web Accessibility, please email us at: media@nationalcaregroup.com

your potential plus our
commitment changes lives