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Making a referral

National Care Group works closely with referring commissioners, local authorities and other organisations to ensure the people we support are offered the service best suited to their needs.

Our referral process is both simple and straightforward. We aim to respond to all referrals within 24 hours and offer accelerated assessments for urgent placements.

Please telephone our Referrals Team or alternatively complete our online referrals form. We will aim to review your case and be in touch within 24 hours.



To ensure a service closely meets the needs of the individual, our first step will be to conduct a pre-admission assessment.

As part of the pre-admission process, we carefully review an individual’s care history to determine the best support for them. We consider and assess their current needs, including any risk of behaviour that may be considered challenging. Our team will also assess an individual’s compatibility with the people currently living in a service, and their ability to successfully assimilate into the local community. We look to match routines, relationships and hobbies with a service or home in order to facilitate an ideal placement with smooth and timely transition.

We consult with the individual, or their family members, social workers, clinicians, therapists or others involved in their care, to help us develop an understanding of their accommodation and support needs. Consultation is crucial and can highlight a need for specific adaptations to our support or services to best accommodate an individual. 

Our person-centred approach can enable an individual to gain greater control over their life and help them to feel consulted in the important decisions affecting them. Together with our housing partners, we provide a range of Supported Living environments to suit the varying needs and desires of the people we care for, including the opportunity to move to more independent accommodation in the future as those needs change and a person’s independence grows.

The pre-admission process helps us to get to know these unique requirements and decide on the appropriate level of support to meet an individual’s needs. Working with the individual, we aim to provide opportunities and choices that enrich their care experience and help them reach their full potential.


Transition to our services is designed around an individual’s particular needs. For some, this may be an uncomplicated process involving a visit before moving in. For others it may be a series of meetings with National Care Group support team, gradually introducing the new faces into their existing service before moving the individual to their new environment. Whatever the scenario, the process will be planned around the needs of the individual to ensure a smooth and straightforward transition. 

Our aim is to provide consistent, quality support which is appropriate and responsive to an individuals needs. We use a ‘key worker’ system which means each individual has a primary contact who will quickly get to know any issues relating to their care and support. Dedicated support teams are established to ensure an individual is familiar with the faces providing their support, and contingency plans will be put in place to cover for any staff sickness or other unforeseeable interruptions to support delivery.

From the point of initial assessment, each individual’s care plan is created and developed to ensure any specific needs are met when the individual moves into their new home. These plans are live documents, continually evolving and developing in line with progress.


Make a referral

Please telephone our Referrals Team on 0333 3050880 or complete our online referrals form. We will endeavour to respond to you within 24 hours.

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