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your potential plus
our commitment
changes lives

Helping people and maximising their potential in every way we can

National Care Group’s vision and mission are to be the best and most trusted care and support provider in the U.K. By embedding our values of passion, empowerment, respect and collaboration into our everyday work practices, we help people to maximise their potential in every way they can.

Carefully matching an individual with the support plan and accommodation which is right for them, we create the opportunities that people with mental health, learning disabilities and acquired brain injuries need to recognise and optimise their full ability.

Our mission aims to include everyone in that mission, both working with us and within our organisation. We are passionately committed to enabling everyone associated with the National Care Group to maximise their potential in every which way they can, and at a pace that is comfortable for them.

Our core values support our vision by shaping our culture. They are the essence of our identity, they drive what we do and how we perform throughout the National Care Group.

Keeping you in the picture
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OUR VALUES: Passion | Empowerment | Respect | Collaboration
your potential plus our
commitment changes lives