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your potential plus
our commitment
changes lives
NATHAN’S ABI STORY | Defying all the odds
Monday, 7th August 2023
Nathan is a person we support at one of our Neurological Rehabilitation Centres. Nathan came to live at Ashbrook Neuro Rehabilitation, part of National Care Group, in January 2023 following a motorcycle accident which happened in May 2022. Nathan, 25 years old, was travelling home from work when the accident happened. It resulted in him […]
COMING TOGETHER | Community spirited approach to fun day
Friday, 28th July 2023
The community sprit of our services in the Forest of Dean is never more evident than when they all come together. Hosted by our Merry Den supported living service in Cinderford, the annual summer fun day is shared with our nearby Chosen Care supported living services and Yew Tree House residential service. What is becoming […]
UNLOCKING POTENTIAL | JD’s goal to become king of the road
Tuesday, 4th July 2023
Introducing JD JD has a diagnosis of autism and a learning disability. He had always lived with his parents until he moved into our Endurance Care supported living service in Folkestone in October 2021. JD’s parents felt he needed more independence, and after exploring options, decided supported living would be the most appropriate move for […]
your potential plus our
commitment changes lives