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Learning disability

At National Care Group, we believe that every person is unique. Some people may find everyday activities challenging, while for others the learning disability may be part of other physical or emotional conditions.

This is why we place the individual at the heart of our support and manage potential risk in a positive way. We work with people to create personalised support packages, flexible care plans and a set of achievable goals to work towards.

Our expert teams support people with mild, moderate, severe and profound and multiple learning disabilities within services specifically adapted to meet their needs. We are at the forefront of advances in care technology and are committed to investing in Assistive Technology. This is highly specialised equipment and communication aids that help people with profound learning disabilities to live as independently as possible.

We also support people with a range of associated complex needs including physical disabilities, autism spectrum conditions, mental health needs and challenging behaviours.

Regent College
Regent College is an independent specialist day college providing further education for young people with learning disabilities/difficulties.

In addition…

In addition, we have experience working with people who have complex needs that may have led them to offend or be at risk of offending. As such, they are known to and may have dealt with the criminal justice system. We help these people to ensure that the risk that they may present is safely managed so that the possibility of offending or reoffending can be reduced.

We provide specialist assistance to people with learning disabilities in a variety of community-based settings around the country. This help is given in both self-contained and shared supported living accommodation, a person’s own home, and residential or day services. We also provide a specialist day college for young adults in Stoke-on-Trent.

Above all, we safeguard people whilst helping them to develop their independence, get involved within their community and achieve their aspirations. At National Care Group, we find ways to succeed rather than reasons not to.

your potential plus our
commitment changes lives