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your potential plus
our commitment
changes lives

Our aim is to help…

At National Care Group, our aim is to help people with mental health needs achieve their potential and live as independently as possible within their community.

We support individuals with a wide range of long-term mental health needs, including dual diagnosis, severe affective disorders, co-morbid physical health conditions, physical and/or verbally aggressive behaviour, and self-injurious behaviour. Our specialist mental health support services are a core feature of our residential, supported living and outreach care packages.

Our varied experience includes working with people who have complex needs including those which may have led them to offend or be at risk of offending. They may have been part of the criminal justice system already and our role is to help ensure the risk they may present is safely managed, to reduce the possibility of offending or reoffending in the future.

Individually tailored support
We strive to provide accommodation that has a relaxed, homely atmosphere and also offers individually tailored support.

Our highly skilled teams…

Our highly skilled teams support people who experience substantial impairments to their day-to-day living because of their mental health condition, both existing or people who have experienced a relapse.

As part of our support plans, we encourage all the people we help to take part in meaningful activities on a daily basis, wherever possible. We assist the people in our care to manage their daily activities more independently; we get them involved in community activities, help them develop hobbies, maintain friendships, find a job or new educational opportunity.

When required, we carry out interventions focused on recovery. Wherever possible we encourage the people we support to monitor their own recovery progress, take control of their lives and work towards achieving a positive outcome. This is a vital step in the recovery process and often helps to give people a greater feeling of social and emotional wellbeing.

Most important of all, we work hard to earn the trust of the people we support and strive to help them understand their condition, achieve their aspirations, and establish control over their life.

your potential plus our
commitment changes lives