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Neil's story – an amazing success at Albert Road
Neil, an individual we support, moved into Albert Road in July 2020 after suffering a hypoxic brain injury.   When Neil first moved into the service, he was very reluctant to go out into the community and would only do so for short periods of time.   In his pre-admission assessment, Neil spoke about how he wanted to work on accessing the community and develop his confidence so that he could be more independent.   Staff encouraged Neil to go out on a regular basis and supported him whilst he went to do shopping or visit any of the local attractions close to the service.   Neil’s mother commented on how her son has shown amazing progress at the service: “I can’t believe how much my son has progressed since moving to Albert Road. He is so happy to be going out into the community and is enjoying his time at the service. I feel like my son has come back to me and I can only thank the incredible support team at Albert Road for this.”   Having an excellent person-centred approach to care, the staff showed the dedication required to support Neil in developing his skills and confidence in such a short period of time and are very proud of how far Neil has come.   A skill that Neil wanted to re-develop was his ability to bake so that he could bake a cake for his mother. After six weeks of development and support from his support staff, Neil achieved his goal of baking a cake for his mother and he now regularly bakes for residents at Albert Road and enjoys the tasks as it helps him cognitively. Download our case study to read more about Neil and National Neurological Services at Albert Road  
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