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Why the quality of care we provide is so important

Mike Cleasby. Quality Director on the importance of our quality of care

Since being appointed as the Quality Director in June, Mike has been able to travel to a number of services and properties across the country.

As his role entails, Mike focuses on ensuring that the quality of care we provide to the people we support is of the highest standard and meets government and care industry expectations.

Supporting people with learning disabilities and autism is something that is very personal to me, as my daughter has a learning disability.

I use this as my benchmark when I am looking at the quality of the support we provide: “Would this service be good enough for my daughter?”

This allows me to develop strategies and inform services about how they can better support people in their homes.

Quality Matters Memo

One way we look to ensure staff are informed about any updated or changes within CQC regulations / standards is with our new Quality Matters Memo.

The memo, which is published Bi-Weekly, gives staff the opportunity to understand keep up to date with any changes or requirements taking place within the care sector.

We want to ensure our staff are being made aware of changes that could affect the care that they provide and believe communicating with you on a regular basis would be very beneficial.

You can access every edition of our Quality Matters Memo can be accessed on our staff intranet.

Active Support

Active Support changes the style of support from ‘caring for’ to ‘working with’, it promotes independence and supports people to take an active part in their own lives.

The experience of being a valued member of society and feeling accepted, are things most of us take for granted.

Most of us spend our time taking part in a variety of everyday activities with or without help or support, whilst most with disabilities would want to do the same thing, but many need additional support.

Active Support enables them to develop new skills, access a wider range of opportunities and build important relationships and social networks.

These skills give people more control over their own lives. Without a good understanding of Active Support, staff and supporters can often provide too little, or too much assistance.

There can be a tendency to provide less assistance to people who are less able and more assistance to people who are more able, instead of the other way around. If you would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Knowledge Sharing Hub

The intranet has proven to be a useful form of communication and knowledge sharing for our staff and to take that one step further, we have developed a Knowledge Hub.

We want this to be a place where you can share good practice and templates with each other.

We have already added some person-centred tools and are developing a CQC PIR template which will help those managers who have not written one before.

If you have any resources, that are beneficial, please email:


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