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Leading from the front at Endurance Care

It was a big moment at Endurance Care, Worcestershire when Registered Manager, Kelly Smith together with her team and all fifteen of the people they support at Favor House received their vaccinations.

“It was very emotional”, said Kelly. “Despite a lack of understanding amongst some of the people we support, everyone was excited to have their vaccination and equally excited to tell their families all about it afterwards.”

Before receiving the vaccinations, Kelly and her team had supported everyone to make their decision, using easy read booklets, answering all their questions and talking to their families and their doctor.

Kelly added: “As a manager it was great to lead from the front and I was so proud to see all the people we support and my colleagues receiving their vaccinations. It really did feel like the beginning of the end with all of us able to see light at the end of the tunnel. The whole vaccination process was very efficient and over very quickly.

Afterwards we talked about it as a team and reflected on what a huge step forward it was to create such a positive outcome for the people we support. We also discussed remaining proactive and the importance of adhering to all our COVID–19 safety procedures, on the understanding that the vaccine will not change everything in the short term and that we still need to keep everyone safe while immunity builds.”

Mike Cleasby, National Care Group Quality Director commented: "It is so encouraging to see the COVID–19 Vaccination programme gaining pace. Kelly and her team have shown how providing guidance and easy to understand information helps the people we support appreciate the benefits of staying safe."

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