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COVID-19 Update | 30 April 2021

The Committee reviewed actions from the last meeting.

Final confirmation was requested that all computer tablets had been received in all areas.

Regional reports were received, and it was again pleasing to note that infection rates amongst individuals we support, and colleagues is clearly levelling out. This is a consistent trend, but all noted the need to ensure everyone stays focused.

The Committee noted the overall NCG statistics with regard to infection rates. It was pleasing to note that there had been no additional reported cases in respect of the individuals we support./p>

Progress on vaccination rates was seen as moving forward well. National Care Group continues to respect the views of those not wishing to have the vaccine and hopes that over time concerns amongst some will be addressed. The Committee was thanked for all their support.

It was noted that there were some challenges securing the second vaccine in one Region, but this would be kept under review and addressed locally if the problem remained or became significant.

The Committee reviewed elements of the last detailed briefing sent by the COO earlier in the week and confirmed any outstanding issues. The need to ensure all visiting professionals presented evidence of a negative test result before entering a service was confirmed. Entry should be refused if appropriate evidence was not forthcoming, and the professional refused a test on site.

It was noted that the National Care Group Business Continuity Plan had been reviewed and updated accordingly. All Regions were asked to ensure local plans are similarly updated.

The Committee noted that the deadline for next round of returns for funding was closing. Regions were asked to continue to submit any requests for further funding sources to the Finance Team who would be able to assist in returns.

In addition, the Committee were again advised that central supplies of PPE were available if required.

“This week saw the publication of a number of updates and guidance which I have circulated to the team to ensure everyone has the latest advice. It is important that we make sure all of our guidance is reviewed locally and understood by all colleagues in advance of the next easing of restrictions currently planned for May.” Karen Lewis, Chief Operations Officer.

your potential plus our
commitment changes lives