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COVID-19 Update | 06 May 2022

The Committee reviewed the actions from the last meeting.

Living with Covid continues to the focus of strategy and approach across National Care Group and all communications going forward are linked to this. Against this backdrop it was however, considered that it remains important that current good practice and awareness of the potential covid risk should be reinforced amongst all colleagues and people we support.

With this in mind, the Committee was keen to ensure that momentum and focus on vaccination should continue. There appeared to be lower take up of the booster amongst people we support, and this was noted as a concern. The Committee were asked to continue to encourage booster uptake.

The Committee noted that further guidance had been received in England. The current Living With Covid Policy recently circulated was considered to remain relevant but this would be reviewed once more and any changes made and communicated. There had been no new changes to guidance in Wales.

It was pleasing to note that transmission rates across services were clearly showing sustained improvement and as such there was a degree of confidence that changes in previous restrictions appeared sensible.

It was suggested that following the next meeting a decision would be made to formally stand down the Covid Risk Committee.

“Reports from Region show that transmission rates are clearly moving in a positive direction and this is fantastic to see. As always we do need to continue to be vigilant and encourage people to continue to get vaccinated. We are approaching a time when the Committee will probably not need to meet and we will discuss this at the next meeting” Karen Lewis COO

your potential plus our
commitment changes lives