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COMMUNITY | Skills development at Sports Week

Learners from Regent College in Stoke-on-Trent, part of National Care Group, enjoyed a week of sports activities and skills development, with events taking place in the local community and a presentation by a Great British tennis champion.

Person with a tennis racket

Tennis, rounders, climbing, dance, yoga, football, and team games are just some of the activities that learners could choose to take part in for Sports Week.

Most activities took place in the local community at leisure centres and in local parks. Learners also attended Fenton Manor Sixth Form and Stoke College and were coached by students as part of the events timetable.

Person on a trampoline

The week was organised by Aimee Collins, Senior Learning Support Worker from Regent College. It was a great opportunity for learners to develop social and fundamental skills, take part in activities in the local community, and above all have fun.

Sports Week also ties in with the Department for Education's British values curriculum to improve the spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development of young people. Several learners were nominated by tutors who demonstrated fundamental British values for a special Fair Play Award. Aimee Collins, alongside members of the Senior Management Team, chose the winner.

People under a colourful parachute

The week concluded with a presentation by Great British tennis champion Neil McPherson who awarded learners with a medal and certificate of participation. Learners were very happy to receive their prizes.

Wendy Williams, Principal at Regent College, said:

“Sports Week was a brilliant event for learners to develop skills and grow independence in a fun and engaging way as they continue on their path to adulthood and become proactive members of their local communities.

“I’d like to thank the students from Fenton Manor Sixth Form and Stoke College who coached learners and Neil for joining us to celebrate their achievements.”

Person on a climbing wall

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