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National Care Group is proud to announce the Annual Awards 2021

From support workers to managers and all our hardworking teams, our annual awards honour our collective excellent performance in the world of Social Care and salutes our outstanding colleagues who make it all happen.

2020 was an unprecedented year for the care industry and more than ever, we want to celebrate and recognise the achievements of our hardworking and resilient colleagues who have consistently shown initiative and commitment in their ever-demanding roles.

This is your opportunity to enter and earn the recognition you and your brilliant colleagues deserve. Simply by entering, you are honouring the incredible work that your team and the wider company does every day. Let’s shout about our unsung heroes, tell our support workers how proud we are of them and applaud our top performers. By winning one of the awards, you are showing our stakeholders and the rest of the care world exactly what you and National Care Group can do. This is your chance to celebrate and shine.

OUR VALUES: Passion | Empowerment | Respect | Collaboration

We are looking for a colleague or teams who truly embody our values and behaviours on a regular basis

The deadline for entries is 14 April 2021 so enter your nominations now!

The Categories

National Care Group Newcomer of the Year 2021

Settling into a new working environment can be a challenging yet exciting time for new starters. Do you know a colleague who has recently settled into their new role and the business, successfully transitioning their skills to their new job and is already making a difference?

Making a Difference Award 2021

Making a positive difference in an individual’s life is one of the biggest rewards of working in the care industry, and is the reason why we all come to work everyday. If you know a colleague who has contributed to an individuals life and helped them to unlock their full potential – whether that be helping them overcome a challenge, encouraging them to develop certain skills or guiding them throughout their care plan in an exceptional way, we want to know about them!

Support Worker of the Year 2021

Our Support Worker colleagues play a vital role in ensuring the people we support are able to live a rewarding and fulfilling life. They develop care plans that are lead by the individual we care for and truly unlock their full potential. If you have a colleague who has delivered outstanding performance in their role this past year, please nominate them today.

Residential Care Team of the Year 2021

Do you know a team that has regularly demonstrated a collective and kindred passion in the care they provide, sharing the same vision and commitment? A great team knows how to use the different personalities and skills within their group to be successful at what they do. They communicate well and support each other effectively in their roles.

Supported Living Team of the Year 2021

We want your nominations for Supported Living teams who have been collaborative and operate in an open working environment. Teams who have developed an effective care plan that delivers both high quality support and truly unlocks the full potential of the people we care for.

Support Function of the Year 2021

It takes a real team effort to become the best provider of care and support in the U.K., and within the business there are well-run support functions that provide effective resources for the people we support and our colleagues. Together we form a group-wide ‘team of teams’ and without the support of certain functions, we couldn’t provide the excellent service we deliver as a whole.

Manager of the Year 2021

All our managers play a crucial role in managing the complex nature of the care services we provide, but do you know a manager who is particularly outstanding at what they do? Maybe they have shown exceptional leadership skills on a day-to-day basis and have successfully guided their service to delivering high quality care.

your potential plus our
commitment changes lives