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ACTION FOR BRAIN INJURY WEEK | DR grows independence

Action for Brain Injury Week (20 - 26 May 2024) provides an annual platform to raise awareness of brain injury.

DR is a person we support with an acquired brain injury (ABI) at our Endurance Care Deal & Hythe services.

Since moving into supported living from residential, he has made remarkable progress in growing independence, developing new skills, and achieving goals.

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Introducing DR

We have supported DR for 15 years. He has an acquired brain injury as a result of a car accident when he was young. This left him with very limited speech capabilities.

DR moved into one of our residential services after the accident as he needed 24-hour support. During his initial rehabilitation, our colleagues supported him with most daily activities including his food shopping, meal preparation, help with hygiene requirements, and daily monitoring to keep him safe.

Transition to supported living

A few months ago, an opportunity for DR to move from residential to supported living remaining close to his family became available. His parents visited the Endurance Care Deal & Hythe and decided it would be a good transition for DR to gain greater independence.

DR’s family said:

“We were both very impressed with the staff, residents, and location when we first visited Endurance Care Deal & Hythe services. We looked at many other possible placements but felt that Endurance Care would be the best choice for DR.”

The first few days were a challenge for DR as he had lived in a residential environment for more than a decade. To help with the transition, one of our colleagues from his residential service moved to his new home with him so that he had a familiar face.

Our colleagues also adapted the ground floor staff office into DR’s bedroom to accommodate his needs. DR decorated his bedroom with photos of his family and is very happy in his space.

Goals achieved by DR

At National Care Group, we empower the people we support to gain better control of their lives and unlock their full potential.

We’re so proud of the goals that DR has achieved since moving into supported living. He is trying new things, learning new skills, and being active in his local community.

DR’s family added:

“We made an excellent decision and are extremely grateful to the team for the progress that DR has made. Thank you all and we look forward to many happy years of meeting up with you when we visit our son.”

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Here are just some of his recent achievements:

• Increased health and wellbeing

We’re very lucky to have the beach only five minutes away from our Endurance Care Deal & Hythe services. DR enjoys regular walks along the beach with our colleagues. He even stops at every café along the way for a cup of tea.

This wasn’t as easily accessible in DR’s previous residential accommodation as it was remotely based. The amenities and attractions, including shops and the beach, weren’t within walking distance.

• Increased personal hygiene skills

Before DR moved into supported living, he required 24-hour support. As a result of the support and encouragement of the team in a supported living setting, DR now goes to the toilet independently. He gets up in the night and then takes himself back to bed.

• Increased access to the community

DR attends a day centre with our colleagues twice a week where he’s discovered that he loves to dance along to music. He also enjoys bowling.

Our day services are a great way to develop new skills and engage in new opportunities. This is a big step for DR and something that he wasn’t able to do before moving into supported living.

• Increased independent living skills

Since moving into supported living, DR has learned cooking and baking skills. With the support of our colleagues, DR enjoys baking cakes and cooking his meals.

One fact about DR is that his life is ‘cups of tea’. Since moving to supported living, he has learned how to make his drinks independently.

Our colleagues installed a hot water dispenser and now DR drinks as many cups of tea as he wishes to make throughout the day (sometimes black; sometimes with a little bit of milk; always no sugar!).

DR’s next goals

Now that DR has mastered the art of making a cup of tea, his next goal is to enhance his baking and cooking skills. Our colleagues will continue to support DR to unlock greater independence with these tasks.

We will also continue to support DR to try new activities, discover more of his interests, and integrate further with his local community. We’re so proud of you, DR!

Dan Burgess, Registered Manager at Endurance Care Deal & Hythe, said:

“Since DR has moved from residential care to supported living, he has gone from strength to strength. We continue to build on DR’s progress by working on areas such as cooking and personal care to enable DR to be as independent as possible. Well done DR, keep up the amazing work.”

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