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your potential plus
our commitment
changes lives
Stories from October, 2022:
Paul's Progression Story | Mental Health Awareness
Monday, 3rd October 2022
Paul’s Background Paul was a once a manager of Tesco superstores, working in all different parts of the country. Unfortunately, the long hours Paul worked really affected his social life and he subsequently became very unwell. Paul was eventually diagnosed with severe depression and was sectioned under the Mental Health Act (MHA). Paul moved to […]
Primrose House | where memories are made
Thursday, 1st October 2020
After spending time in a rehabilitation ward, L’, an individual we support, moved into Primrose Neurological Centre in September 2018.   L’ had significant impairments with her short-term memory and it would often lead to confusion and distress, especially if she was not communicated with properly.   Staff at the service worked on developing tools […]
Neil's story – an amazing success at Albert Road
Thursday, 1st October 2020
Neil, an individual we support, moved into Albert Road in July 2020 after suffering a hypoxic brain injury.   When Neil first moved into the service, he was very reluctant to go out into the community and would only do so for short periods of time.   In his pre-admission assessment, Neil spoke about how […]
your potential plus our
commitment changes lives