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Spreading happiness with ‘Postcards of Kindness’

During these challenging times, a simple act of kindness can go a long way, and that is what happened at Endurance Care: Church House, Kent, where the individuals we support are having to adjust to lockdown restrictions in the area.

Tara Fewster, Peripatetic Manager, signed the care service up for the ‘Postcard of Kindness’ scheme, which allows members of the public to write and send postcards to residents living in a care setting.

Coronavirus has had an impact on all our lives, and as we continue to follow the government guidelines, we understand that for individuals, with complex needs, the changes and safety measures in place can be difficult to get used to.

While it is a small gesture, sending postcards to individuals is an incredible way to bring joy to their life, spark conversations and alleviate isolation that residents might experience from constantly being indoors.

The individuals we support at Church House have really enjoyed receiving the postcards and reading about other people’s lives, with one individual having a card sent to them from Scotland.

“It has been fantastic seeing the residents so engaged with this activity, as they find it interesting to read about other people and cheer themselves up with special messages from people across the country,” said Tara.

Everyone at Church House was so happy to receive a postcard that they have decided to purchase some of their own and reply to the lovely messages sent to them.

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