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Shelton Care open their own 'Networks Nik Naks' shop

With National and local COVID-19 restrictions in place across the country, it has impacted on how our staff and the individuals we support are able to access their local communities, including the simplest of things like visiting the shops.

The Day Services, part of Shelton Care Group, Stoke-on-Trent, had the idea to open its own ‘On-site’ shop for residents to continue to enjoy the activities that would normally be done in the community.

The project was led by Donna Walklet, Registered Manager, to promote active participation and give everyone an opportunity to get creative with designing and opening their own shop.

“It was a great opportunity to get all residents and staff involved in being more creative and find new ways to help boost morale, especially during the lockdown period,” said Donna.

Staff arranged for furniture and shelves to be put in the property and worked on stocking up on items, whilst residents were responsible for decorating the shop. As with any shop, there needed to be workers who could help with the day to day running, with support staff holding interviews with the people we support to see who could help run the shop.

Applications were submitted for shop assistants, cleaners and till workers, with all the residents who were interviewed being offered jobs. Before the grand opening, the service ran a competition to see who had the best name for the shop, with the winner being Kloe Proctor, Support Worker, who named it ‘Networks Nik Naks’ and was awarded with a voucher prize.

The shop recently had its grand opening, with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a party being held, with residents excited to start helping and do some shopping in a safe environment.

Katie Fallows, Regional Operations Manager, was delighted by the proactive approach taken by the staff team to help the individuals we support: “I am so proud of the fantastic work being done at the Day Services, as the staff team have continued to find fun and creative ways to help the people we support still take part in activities during these challenging times. With residents helping with the shop, it is a great way to promote active participation within our services and I am delighted to congratulate everyone involved.”

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