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NEWS | Celebrating long service at Newfield View

A LEADING adult social care provider is recognising the outstanding efforts of its long-standing colleagues at its supported living service in Sheffield – having collectively achieved almost 80 years of experience.

The news comes as the UK Government launches the second year of its ‘Made with Care’ campaign – with the number of vacant posts in the adult social care sector having risen by 52% in the last year.

Newfield View, part of National Care Group, includes a dedicated team of support workers and team leaders, each of which has been with the business for more than five years, supporting people with a range of needs including learning difficulties and mental health conditions.

This includes team leader Stacie Dempsey, who had joined the service in 2016, has successfully progressed in the organisation from her original role as a support worker, with fellow service team leader, Lauren Whiting, also charting a similar journey with the organisation.

Stacie said: “Lauren and I have been incredibly lucky to be part of such a tight-knit team. Having consistency makes a huge difference in the lives of the people we support, allowing them to achieve their dreams and aspirations. There are people here, both colleagues and the people we support, that I have known and grown with year-on-year, helping to build trust and strong relationships that help everyone to flourish.

“I think its testament to the environment that National Care Group provides that we have so many long-standing colleagues. We have a family feel here but with the backing of a big company, and I’m incredibly excited to continue to help deliver a quality service for the people we support.”

Newfield View was acquired by National Care Group in 2017, having previously been privately owned.

Stacie has supported many people, including Bethany, a non-verbal wheelchair user, diagnosed with a severe learning disability. Stacie has known Bethany since she was 16 and has been involved with her transition from living with her parents to living in her own flat with support from Newfield View colleagues. Colleagues are able to interpret her facial expressions and can help her lead a full and busy life.

Stacie added: “Bethany has a full and happy life, backed by the support of the Newfield View team and the person-centred care plan we’ve successfully been able to implement for her. At National Care Group, we talk a lot about a progression model of care, and Bethany really demonstrates this in case and point – having an active life with her own flat and the support of our colleagues. Bethany is just one example of the fantastic progress the people we support have made. We’re all hugely proud of her and everyone at Newfield View.”

James Allen, CEO at National Care Group said: “Our dedicated team at Newfield View represents the values of National Care Group in delivering long-standing support, that successfully enables the people we support to pursue their hobbies and goals in life.

“The service is showcasing just how meaningful and enriching a career in adult social care can be, which is incredibly important during a skills crisis. It is making a fantastic difference regionally, upholding high quality standards that go across the board for our services in England and Wales.”


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