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COVID-19 Update | 19 February 2021

The Committee reviewed the actions from last week’s meeting.

It was noted that a new PPE poster had been circulated and had been included on the NCG intranet.

Members were reminded to send through to the Marketing Team any positive stories about the distribution of laptops/tablets. It was noted these had not been received by all services at this point but that this was being actioned.

The Committee were pleased to note that the prevalence of reported infections did appear to have reduced in the week across the majority of NCG services. Sadly, it was noted that some individuals we support remain in hospital and the thoughts of the Committee were with them and their families.

Regional reports were received and noted by the Committee and these were on the whole positive. Covid vaccinations across all Regions for individuals we support, and colleagues were improving, and this was welcomed. The Committee noted that additional communication had been circulated to all for onward circulation in respect of new vaccination groups.

In some areas second vaccinations were already been received, these needed to be recorded and monitored.

With regard to visits, the Committee noted that the current policy previously circulated had been amended to clarify that whilst NCG would prefer outside visits at this stage, blanket bans on visiting were not in place. This applies to all services.

The Committee noted that the current infection control training was currently being reviewed to ensure it remains compliant with all latest guidance and best practice.

All members of the Committee confirmed that the supply of PPE remain robust and that use was regularly reviewed. The need for new colleagues to be fully briefed on how to access and use PPE was emphasised and acknowledged.

“It is pleasing to note that infection rates are stabilising in most areas and this is really great news for all. The increasing numbers of individuals we support and colleagues receiving the Covid vaccine is also good to see. We would encourage everybody to take a look at all the advice that is available about the vaccine if they continue to have concerns. Whilst things seem to be showing signs of improvement, we all need to stay focused on ensuring we are maintaining the approach that we have been adapting through the pandemic.” Karen Lewis COO

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