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COVID-19 Update | 17 September 2021

Covid Risk Committee – 17 September 2021

The Committee reviewed and confirmed all actions from the previous meeting.

An update was given on data in respect of transmission rates now and since the pandemic started. Overall, it was noted that the position nationally was clearly stabilising, and this was welcomed. There were still local outbreaks in some services.

The Committee noted latest changes in national guidance with regard to outbreak testing in services. The National Care Group Policy links to the latest guidance and all were asked to ensure they understood the changes.

The National Care Group Covid Policy (Version 5) has been updated and would be circulated.

With regard to this year’s Flu Vaccination Programme it was noted that all trackers would be reset and would need to be collated. This was an important point if the flu vaccination becomes compulsory at any point. National Care Group would be actively encouraging all to be vaccinated against flu. The proposed communication plan was discussed with and confirmed by the Committee.

Regional reports were received and noted that transmission rates amongst individuals we support, and colleagues are at extremely low levels.

An update was given to the meeting with regard outstanding vaccines in respect of colleagues. The number of colleagues, working within residential settings, who were at risk of not complying with the requirements was noted. Further support would be given to these colleagues and discussion with them would now take place. The Committee was asked to thank all those involved in supporting colleagues who were initially concerned about the vaccine.

The Committee was asked to confirm any additional comments on the Covid Reflection Day paper held on 27 July and previously circulated. This would be submitted to the Board Risk and Governance Committee for information.

The Committee was advised that stock of PPE was still available centrally for allocation to Regions if required.

“Another positive meeting showing that pandemic is becoming more manageable. Our focus is now supporting our colleagues and the individuals we support to maintain their protection against covid and flu.”
Karen Lewis, COO

your potential plus our
commitment changes lives