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COVID-19 Update | 15 October 2021

The Committee reviewed and confirmed all actions from the previous meeting.

The regular update was given on data in respect of transmission rates now and since the pandemic started. Overall, it was again noted that the position nationally remains stable, and this was welcomed. A continued focus on infection control was however, noted as remaining essential.

An update was given to the meeting with regard outstanding vaccines in respect of colleagues across all part of the organisation. The number of colleagues, working within residential settings, who were at risk of not complying with the requirements was noted but was not reported as a risk to service delivery. As reported throughout, ongoing discussions were ongoing to support colleagues. With regard to supported living services it was noted that there did not appear to any movement on numbers still requiring vaccination. The Committee were asked to confirm the position in advance of any national announcements in this regard.

Thanks, were again extended to all those involved in supporting colleagues who were initially concerned about the vaccine.

The Committee were asked to ensure that appropriate attention is being given to supporting individuals to access healthcare appointments and that this is being evidenced. This was a real concern if not being addressed locally. This was a key issue identified in the recently published “Coronavirus: lessons learned to date Sixth Report of the Health and Social Care Committee and Third Report of the Science and Technology Committee of Session 2021–22”.

The Committee wase asked to remain focussed on the Covid Monthly audit and to ensure that they continue to take place.

“ We will be spending time catching up with individuals to make sure we are supporting access to ongoing health appointments but also to check that those who may have had Covid are recovering well and are being supported to get back to normal . We should n’t assume everyone is feeling great following Covid” Mike Cleasby, Quality Director

your potential plus our
commitment changes lives