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COVID-19 Update | 01 April 2021

The Committee reviewed actions from the last meeting.

Members were asked to confirm the Colleague Covid Risk Assessment Tool was being implemented locally and that there were no risks to be addressed. All would review process to give them the assurances required to support compliance. More generally the Committee was asked to ensure that they are comfortable that the required assurances can be given that all policies and associated audits are being completed consistently.

It was noted a PPE update was circulated to all during the week.

The Committee reviewed the latest infection statistics for NCG and noted one outbreak.

Regional reports were received and again infection rates amongst individuals we support, and colleagues again appeared to continue to be reducing. This seemed to a consistent trend, but all noted the need to ensure everyone stays focused particularly, as reflected in some reports, there remained a potential for local outbreaks to occur.

Vaccination rates are continuing to improve in all Regions and progress here was seen as a positive step forward. As at last week’s meeting, it was also noted that some individuals we support, and colleagues were beginning to receive their second dose. This needs to be recorded.

National Care Group continues to respect the views of those not wishing to have the vaccine and hopes that over time concerns amongst some will be addressed.

The Committee noted the requirement to test all visitors to supported living services and discussed some of the practicalities of this in services not staffed at all times. Arrangements would be reviewed locally to ensure this requirement can be met.

Following the end of shielding the Committee looked forward to welcoming colleagues back to services.

“It is great to enter the Easter holiday period with a continued feeling that the second wave of the pandemic is being well managed. That said, further isolated outbreaks were reported and this should be taken as a reminder that we still have to proceed with caution.” James Allen, Chief Executive.

your potential plus our
commitment changes lives