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Coronavirus update
National Care Group is committed to supporting it’s employees, the individuals we support and families with any concerns or guidance that you may have regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to this the following new processes have been implemented:

  • A Project Group
    • This is attended by 3 members of the Executive Team and Operational representatives who meet regularly to review and further develop plans
  • A dedicated ‘Coronavirus’ page on the staff intranet
    • This is regularly updated with relevant materials from the Government and other public organisations
  • Business Continuity Plan and COVID-19 policy
    • To provide a framework for our organisational response to any potential event in relation to the Coronavirus
  • Virtual training and interviews
  • Regular communications using a dedicated inbox
    • For staff
    • For families
    • For key stakeholders
    • For the individuals we support (in easy read format where necessary)

How to protect yourself both inside and outside of work:

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and using hand sanitizer if available
  • Use a tissue or your sleeve when coughing or sneezing, ensure you throw the used tissue in the bin and wash your hands
  • Avoid close contact with people who are showing symptoms

If you are feeling unwell or suspect you may be unwell:

  • Do not go to a GP service, pharmacy or hospital
  • Call 111

If you are at work:

  • Inform your Line Manager, via phone, immediately and keep them updated on your health
  • Don’t visit either the office or the service you work at

Before visiting a service please ask:

  • Is your visit essential?
  • Are you currently feeling unwell?
  • Have you recently been abroad?
  • Have you been in contact with anyone who is displaying symptoms of COVID—19?

For the families of the individuals we support:

The anxiety the coronavirus is causing is understandably high and it is important that we work together to manage this, particularly with your family members.

If you are intending to visit your relative we would ask that you follow all national guidance with regard to hygiene and note any additional requests made by our staff.  

We would also ask you to be responsible for making staff aware of any additional risk factors that there may be before you visit.  You should not visit if you have either a high temperature or a new continuous cough.

As part of our contingency planning for future potential circumstances, please could you speak to your local service manager if any of the following are applicable:

  • You would like to explore the potential of communicating with your family member using technology (e.g. Skype) if visits to services are restricted further in national guidance.
  • You would prefer to be contacted by phone or email (and can provide these details).
  • As part of our contingency planning, you may be able to assist as a “flu friend” in the event there are significant staffing shortages where volunteers supporting services would help (e.g. to collect goods from shops or pharmacies)

National Care Group would like to thank our hardworking and dedicated staff during this time and hope you and family remain safe and well

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