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National Care Group | Quality Account

The Quality Account 2019/20 gives a great insight into what National Care Group achieved in the year and what it plans to do going forward.

quality report

Placing quality at the heart of everything it does and with a clear and compelling vision of what it wants to achieve, National Care Group has come a long way in a relatively short period of time. The organisation is committed to unlocking the potential of the individuals it supports and its staff and the Quality Account gives real evidence of how this is already being achieved.

Key Facts

At the end of 2019/20 National Care Group:
  • Was supporting nearly 1200 individuals with complex learning disability, mental health issues or acquired brain injuries and employed over 2200 people.
  • Through its local network of services operates from nearly 250 locations in England and Wales.
  • Improved governance systems and processes to assure itself on the quality of the support it provides and constantly reviews what it does through what are called its “governance arrangements”.
  • Created a culture focusing on continuous improvement so that changes can be made to how it does things and lessons can be learnt when things do not sometimes go to plan.
  • Improved the number and range of training opportunities that are available to all staff and introduced new career progression programmes.
  • Worked with housing partners to invest and open 25 new properties able to support a further 124 individuals.

The Quality Account illustrates the passion that National Care Group has to put the individuals it supports at the centre of what it does and make changes to the way things are done.

Looking forward, the Quality Account sets out the agenda of the organisation for the following year including:

  • Exploring with partners opportunities to develop more innovative local services able to support increased numbers of individuals within their communities.
  • Increased use of technology and systems to further improve the way the organisation functions and to give even better assurance.
  • The provision of even more and bespoke learning and development opportunities for staff to encourage them to grow their career opportunities with us.
  • Even better engagement with the individuals it supports and staff to continue the journey to delivering greater person centred support.

Everybody at National Care Group is committed to working tirelessly to innovate, inspire and encourage the potential of those we support and our staff.

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