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your potential plus
our commitment
changes lives
News stories from August, 2019:
Creating opportunity by overcoming challenges
Wednesday, 26th August 2020
. To achieve success, National Care Group had to overcome several challenges whilst trying to implement systems and processes that would benefit the individuals we support. Mike Cleasby, Quality Director, discusses the challenges the Quality Team faced in the past year and how they used this as an opportunity to develop National Care Group and […]
Caring for our care workers in innovative ways
Wednesday, 26th August 2020
For many of us and particularly care workers, face masks have become an essential part of everyday life in the battle to beat COVID 19. But regularly wearing a mask can have an unfortunate side effect: ‘maskne’ or mask induced acne. Caused by the constant rubbing of the mask against against the skin and the […]
Ensuring the highest standards of care and support
Wednesday, 26th August 2020
. Mike Cleasby, Quality Director, talks about how the past year has seen National Care Group implement systems and processes that will help our services provide support and develop going forward. Placing quality at the heart of everything it does and with a clear and compelling vision of what it wants to achieve, National Care […]
your potential plus our
commitment changes lives