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UNLOCKING POTENTIAL | Kay's Incredible Progress
The Bewdley Hill Team from our Endurance Care Worcestershire service really know what it means to care. They work together so well to achieve outstanding progress and have truly changed the life of a Person We Support called Kay through person-centered care planning and dedication to her goals.

Kay, in just 8 months, has been supported to transition from home - moving away from her husband, to completely stop self-harming, to lose an incredible 6 stone in weight, to begin to integrate with her community, and to manage a new diagnosis of diabetes type 2 and sleep apnoea.

The team came together to devise a personalised care plan for Kay who arrived very anxious in January 2022. They took the necessary steps to assure her wellbeing with the ultimate aim of not self-harming anymore which they can proudly say she hasn't done once since moving in.

They went on to devise a plan to achieve more independence for Kay, encouraging her to lose weight for better physical and mental health.

Kay with friends from Endurance Care Worcestershire

When they were hit with the hurdles of Kay's new diagnosis of diabetes type 2 and sleep apnoea, which she wouldn't have been tested for without their support, they supported her to understand the conditions, and she is now actively involved in taking her new medication and sleep equipment.

Kay has been supported to communicate her wishes and has been actively involved in her care plan along the way. The team has celebrated every success with her; from being able to cross her legs, to reach her calves, to applying her own cream, and being able to put on her own shoes and tie them up.

To find out more about this fantastic supported living service, please visit our Endurance Care Worcestershire profile here

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