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Promoting development and learning

Gemma Maycroft, an individual we support, came to Face2Face in 2014 and had initially received around the clock support from staff.

Since then, Gemma has come a long way has she continues to show improvement in her daily living skills and works alongside staff to learn budgeting, cooking and other skills. Gemma has now recently moved in her own flat with a private tenancy and does not require as much support from her staff team as she initially did.

Whilst at Face2Face, Gemma has grown in confidence and developed various independent skills to help her cope with life in her own flat.

Gemma has also received some great news recently, as she has been selected by the Gloucestershire Constabulary as a Community Police Cadet.

As part of her role, she will support local policing priorities through volunteering and making a positive different to her community.

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your potential plus our
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