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COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS | Celebrating achievements

World Mental Health Day 2023 is celebrating under the theme of ‘mental health is a universal human right’.

Wellington Support, part of National Care Group, are specialists in supporting adults with a mental health diagnosis.

They provide a rehabilitation service for males aged 18 years and over and support them in making progress towards greater independence after spending time within mental health or other care settings.

World Mental Health Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate one of their local community partnerships and the incredible impact it is having on some of the people they support.

Empowering people they support to attend the Frank Bruno Foundation in Northampton, they are helping to unlock potential and grow independence through their 8-week programme focused on developing healthy bodies and healthy minds.

The programme offers a wellbeing programme and structured non-contact boxing session for anyone experiencing struggles with their mental health and is designed to increase self-confidence, improve self-regulation and help to develop social skills and increase mental wellbeing in the structure of both workshops and non-contact boxing.

Adam, pictured above, has recently graduated from the programme and received certifications and a celebratory visit from Frank Bruno in person.

All their activities are held in an open and inclusive environment and support people to increase their self-confidence, self-regulation, social skills, and overall wellbeing.

Adam says; “I feel better physically and mentally after attending the programme and plan to continue to visit the academy to attend sessions”

For more information on Wellington Support residential services visit: Wellington Road Support Services

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