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Primrose House | where memories are made
After spending time in a rehabilitation ward, L’, an individual we support, moved into Primrose Neurological Centre in September 2018.   L’ had significant impairments with her short-term memory and it would often lead to confusion and distress, especially if she was not communicated with properly.   Staff at the service worked on developing tools to assist L’, including having a memory board in her bedroom and a journal where she can write what she did for the day.   Shortly after moving in, L’s mother died, and due to her impairments, she would frequently forget, causing her to be very upset when she was reminded of it. The staff team supported L’ to create a memorial for her mother in the garden so she could have a place to remember her and would look after it herself by changing the flowers and ornaments.   Since moving in, L’ has come a long way, with staff building a trusting relationship with her, which has seen the number of incidents, that would tend to occur due to her impairments, being reduced significantly.   The team at Primrose have worked hard to provide L’ with the positive and person-centred support she needs to continue to develop at the service, as she looks to move into a supportive living setting in the future.  
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your potential plus our
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