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An effective vaccine will be the best way to protect the most vulnerable from coronavirus and the biggest breakthrough since the pandemic began. A huge step forward in the fight against coronavirus, potentially saving tens of thousands of lives.

The UK government has secured early access to 355 million vaccine doses through agreements with six separate vaccine developers, giving the UK the best chance of securing a safe and effective vaccine at the quickest speed. The vaccine will be available from the NHS – for free – to everyone who would benefit, starting with those most at risk and those who support them.

The Government advice is that the vaccine will first be given to care home residents and staff, followed by people over 80 and health and social workers, then to the rest of the population in order of age and risk.

It is important to understand our role and responsibility

Alongside the people we support you will be amongst the first to be eligible to receive the vaccination. It is important that you fully understand the benefits of having the vaccination and the front-line role you will play in helping to reassure the people we support and their families regarding the vaccine’s benefits and safety.

Keeping you informed

Over the coming weeks you will be receiving a number of communications informing you about the vaccination process and requesting your consent. We know that some of you will have concerns about the vaccination and that is why we are creating this dedicated website area to provide you with information and resources to reassure you and the people you support.

The information will be regularly updated and will include posters and leaflets for you to download and display in your services, as well as the answers to frequently asked questions and updates to UK government advice and vaccination progress.

BITESIZE COVID-19 vaccination topics discussed with Dr Stephen Griffin, Leeds University

Following the success of our recent colleague webinars, we thought it would be helpful to create some short individual recordings of Dr Griffin responding to common misconceptions and concerns.

By clicking on the YouTube link below you can listen to one of 12 topics in bitesize chunks that could be of interest to you

1. How does the immune system work?

2. The vaccine was approved quickly, is it safe?

3. Can the vaccine cause infertility?

4. Someone I knew became seriously ill/died post vaccine. Could that happen to me?

5. I have epilepsy, is it safe to have the vaccine?

6. What is population or herd immunity and how does it work?

7. Is the vaccine safe for children?

8. Is the vaccination safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

9. I’ve already had COVID so why should I get vaccinated?

10. What will happen if I don’t get vaccinated?

11. What are the common side effects of the vaccine?

12. I have underlying health conditions, is it safe to have the vaccine?

If you have further questions or concerns and would like a 1:1 call or a team session with Dr Griffin, please email Claire.leake@nationalcaregroup.com


Guidance leaflets and videos to download

The guidance leaflet and video download page includes the latest government information for colleagues, alongside further useful information for you to share with the people we support and their family and friends.

COVID–19 Knowledge Hub

The COVID–19 Knowledge Hub is where National Care Group colleagues can find specific information and internal guidance documents relating to the COVID–19 vaccination programme.

your potential plus our
commitment changes lives